Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I just watched Easy A movie. It's not actually a crappy movie. In fact it was pretty nice. It was about a girl pretending to be a slut when in fact she's not. How screwed up is that? who in their right mind would actually do that? to be labeled as a skunk. So the movie was pretty stupid in that aspect cos it kinda shows that being a whore is the way to go to achieve popularity. Dumb! Well what made me sit through the entire movie? it's quite funny, light and fast-paced. The perfect movie after a long day. It's a fun movie to watch while eating popcorn, Lay's chips and banana chips. Woot...woot!  Ok i'm starting to get bored with this topic and typing as well so off i go!

Awesome Giveaways

I found yet again 2 more lovely giveaways to join. Gosh i loooove giveaways! i looooove free stuffs. Please LUCKY STARS work overtime for moi!

I spot Deep throat<3, i spot UDPP<3, i spot nail polish<3! weeee another fun giveaway to join. Good thing i found this coz' this contest is about to end on the 31st. If you want to join just go and visit Suburban Beauty's Giveaway and follow her cool blog as well:):):)

And yet here's another one

This is another interesting giveaway. The shoeclips <3 are so cool. I've never seen anything like this. Of course i want to win this and if you do too, just go join Musings of an Offbeat Biped's Giveaway. Visit her great site and goodluck to any of us who will win. LUCKY STARS hear me, hear moi, hear ye...hehe:):):)!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Who is She's Giveaway

Here is another awesome giveaway that i discovered while surfing the net. That Sleek storm palette is another item that i wish to have. Well you guys can win this by entering Who is She's Giveaway. So if ever you read this and is interested you should go and check out her site. 

I really wish to win in any of these giveaways coz im not in the best of spirits lately due to personal reasons. This blog is my escape. It makes me happy to read and take a glimpse of the lives of different bloggers all over the world. I don't need a plane ticket(can't afford one lol), it's like i'm travelling already when i look at so many many many pictures. It makes my sad little world a little happier. Ok i have to go now mumzy is calling me(darn). XOXO!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Purple Christmas

This is how my perfect Christmas is gonna be
I'll have a beautiful purple tree

Then i'll decorate it with dark colored purple balls

Munch on a purple biscuit

While i open my gift with a purple ribbon

Then i'll find this cute purple watch!!!

This casual dress is what i'll wear

I'll pair it with silver flats

And accentuate it with this lovely bag
That would be my beautiful purple Christmas


Sadly it is all just a DREAM:-(

Nevertheless, Merry Christmas to you all!
Feliz Navidad!

Click and Makeup's Giveaway

This palette is my dream palette. It's in my wishlist and when i found Click and Makeup's Giveaway, i was extremely happy. I hope you go check her nice blog and join her giveaway. I hope to win this one

Thursday, December 23, 2010

St Ives Apricot Scrub Whitening

This is my favorite scrub because it cleans my face so well.It scrubs away many of those yuchy dead skin cells that makes my face feel rough and patchy. My skin feels soft and smooth all over after washing my face. I am super duper happy that this is cheap. I forgot the exact price coz my mom bought this for me. But i know its cheap coz i've tried St Ive's products before. This is great for budget conscious people like me. Because i have no budget haha! Simple but effective things like this makes me happy. I didn't notice any whitening but its ok i'm more after that clean feeling. I will happily buy this over and over again but not soon coz' i'm always broke. Gosh when i begin to earn my own money i'll buy myself nicer and better treats. But for now i'm just envious browsing around many of the beauty bloggers stuffs. I wish i had those things too! Sigh someday!!! Okay that's all for now coz i'm talking too much. hehehe 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautyontheway's Giveaway

Here is another fabulous giveaway for us to join. I hope you will enter beautyontheway's giveaway. Please go visit her super nice and interesting blog. She shares so many great stuffs:-)
I hope i win this coz' poor me haven't even won a single contest :-( 
sad :-(  sad :-( sad
But if i win purplehatch will be


Pearl White Slimming Capsules

I first heard about this through my cousin. She is forever on a yo-yo diet. Of course i was skeptical with these tablets because the price is very very in dirt cheap (250 pesos or around $5)! I was even thinking it might be poisonous. But i still tried it anyway...harhar!

The first thing I noticed is that  i often go to the bathroom. This will make you pee a LOT! i'm not kidding so you better make sure you're not going on a long trip or else you'll have an agonizing time trying to hold your bladder. It is such a hassle coz' sometimes i feel too lazy to pee or better yet go all the way to the toilet. If ever you get too lazy i'm thinking you can try using adult diaper ha ha so you won't have to move anymore.

Next is my appetite somewhat vanished, as in poof! kapow! gone!  I normally eat like a horse but when i tried this i began to eat like a donkey--hee haw! Of course you'll lose weight with that and i DID lose some weight. Like around 5 pounds. I did not experience any palpitations or headache or any other side effects. 

But the sad part is after awhile (around 2 months) you will get immuned to it and it will no longer be as effective. That's what happened to me. My appetite came back and with a vengeance! har har! So i stopped taking this because it no longer works. The pounds will begin to creep back in. I wish it didn't stop working but then again drinking unnecessary tablets is bad for our health. Also when its too good to be true there's always a catch.

 So now i have to follow the hard, boring and corny way of healthy eating. There really is no shortcut! sigh*sigh*sigh* Well i'll end my post now. XOXO

Beauty Crazed Giveaway

This has got to be one of the biggest makeup giveaway, oh my gosh all the prizes would make me hyperventilate! what more if i win!!! You better join Beauty Crazed Gveaway for a chance to win this to die for price. But for now i could only just stare at this delish picture! Who knows, i might be the lucky girl!!! whoaaaa!!!

Lipgloss and Leopard Giveaway

I would love to win this giveaway by Lipgloss and Leopard Print. That palette would make purplehatch a happy girl!!! You should go visit her wonderful blog and join this contest as well. Goodluck to all of us:-)

Cheeky's Beauty Blog Giveaway

I am totally stoked with Cheeky's Giveaway. Her prizes are awesome and i'd looove to win them all. Go check out and join her giveaway:-)

My Christmas 2010 Make up Wishlist

Been wanting this for ages just because it includes my favorite shade of purple

This Shu Uemura rouge unlimited artist shade of purple is already discontinued, but Santa can make miracles happen and grant me this one

Mac blush ombre in Vintage grape-it looks so YUMMY i can eat it!

I don't know the name of this shade but the color is making me drool and salivate just looking at it

*images-courtesy of google

So there you have it, purplehatch's Christmas nom nom nom nom...Have a happy purple day!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Purple Car

I want to own this car
I'll parade it all around town with my windows down
I want everyone to know that i'm no longer a bum, that i can afford such things.
Of course i'll paint it purple and
give it that PURPLEHATCH look
And it will look like this...

My cool purple car!!!

My First Blog Entry

I've been wanting to blog again for the longest time, i closed my old account because of personal reasons. So many issues arose from such a tiny space from web. How can people be so sensitive and insensitive at the same time? Why can't they just let me be???

I will have to warn you that this might become a rant page of all sorts. I need an outlet to shout out my emotions or else i'll go crazy. That's all for now.