Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pearl White Slimming Capsules

I first heard about this through my cousin. She is forever on a yo-yo diet. Of course i was skeptical with these tablets because the price is very very in dirt cheap (250 pesos or around $5)! I was even thinking it might be poisonous. But i still tried it anyway...harhar!

The first thing I noticed is that  i often go to the bathroom. This will make you pee a LOT! i'm not kidding so you better make sure you're not going on a long trip or else you'll have an agonizing time trying to hold your bladder. It is such a hassle coz' sometimes i feel too lazy to pee or better yet go all the way to the toilet. If ever you get too lazy i'm thinking you can try using adult diaper ha ha so you won't have to move anymore.

Next is my appetite somewhat vanished, as in poof! kapow! gone!  I normally eat like a horse but when i tried this i began to eat like a donkey--hee haw! Of course you'll lose weight with that and i DID lose some weight. Like around 5 pounds. I did not experience any palpitations or headache or any other side effects. 

But the sad part is after awhile (around 2 months) you will get immuned to it and it will no longer be as effective. That's what happened to me. My appetite came back and with a vengeance! har har! So i stopped taking this because it no longer works. The pounds will begin to creep back in. I wish it didn't stop working but then again drinking unnecessary tablets is bad for our health. Also when its too good to be true there's always a catch.

 So now i have to follow the hard, boring and corny way of healthy eating. There really is no shortcut! sigh*sigh*sigh* Well i'll end my post now. XOXO

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