Thursday, December 23, 2010

St Ives Apricot Scrub Whitening

This is my favorite scrub because it cleans my face so well.It scrubs away many of those yuchy dead skin cells that makes my face feel rough and patchy. My skin feels soft and smooth all over after washing my face. I am super duper happy that this is cheap. I forgot the exact price coz my mom bought this for me. But i know its cheap coz i've tried St Ive's products before. This is great for budget conscious people like me. Because i have no budget haha! Simple but effective things like this makes me happy. I didn't notice any whitening but its ok i'm more after that clean feeling. I will happily buy this over and over again but not soon coz' i'm always broke. Gosh when i begin to earn my own money i'll buy myself nicer and better treats. But for now i'm just envious browsing around many of the beauty bloggers stuffs. I wish i had those things too! Sigh someday!!! Okay that's all for now coz i'm talking too much. hehehe 

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